Lodge Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday every month from Sept - June. Come Join Us!

About Us


RISKI is short for Rhode Island Ski Runners - Lodge

Owned and operated by the board and membership.

Mission Statement:

To provide an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to get together to enjoy outdoor activities including skiing, biking, and hiking, through trips and other activities. The club welcomes individuals, couples, and families recommended by members.

RISKI Lodge (Reservations)

email: riskireservations@gmail.com

Alison Pardee (President/Membership) 

phone: (401) 465-5622,

email: awpardee@gmail.com

Bob Fifer (Vice President) 

Janice Fifer (Secretary)

Ed Polom (Treasurer)

phone: (401) 525-6194, email: epolom@verizon.net

Chuck Wayss (Lodge Chairperson) 

phone: (401)941-6415

email: cewayss@verizon.net